Check Out The Batman’s Gloomy, Brooding Motion Poster

Matt Reeves dropped the poster on his social media.

Matt Reeves dropped a cool motion poster for The Batman on his social media. The poster puts Robert Pattinson’s head front and center surrounded by pouring rain with his cowl as it slowly takes the shape of the Riddler’s question mark symbol. It carries the familiar bleeding red aesthetic that has been a part of the film’s marketing material while emanating a brooding, gloomy vibe. Check it out.

After a lull, marketing for The Batman is slowly beginning to ramp up. We eagerly await Empire’s latest coverage on The Batman from which the publication had released interview snippets featuring Matt Reeves, Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz. All these are of course, tidbits, from the complete exclusive that should be published this week once the magazine’s latest issue hits the stands on Dec 23.

The Batman will be out in theaters on March 4, 2022. Let me know what you think of this motion poster in the comments below.