Ant-Man 3 To Begin Filming In Pinewood Studios In Early 2021

Ant-Man, the films and the character, have had a strange relationship with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Seemingly considered to be one of the more obscure / inconsequential characters at the beginning, he has since evolved to play a vital role in the events of Avengers: Endgame. The films themselves have been considered as refreshing breathers after the cataclysmic events of both the Avengers movies they followed.

Earlier this month, we learned that Ant-Man 3 is at some stage in production, eyeing a possible 2022 release date. While that news remains unconfirmed officially by Marvel, there’s another small tidbit to follow up. Turns out, Ant-Man 3 could begin filming at Pinewood Studios in the UK, with a possible start of filming being pegged at early 2021.

Understandably, it’s not a strong rumor given the sheer amount of Marvel movies that have filmed at Pinewood Studios, the latest being Black Widow. Also, an early 2021 release date gives the filmmakers enough time to work on a story that could serve as a worthy follow-up to Avengers, while also incorporating some passing the torch arcs that it’s rumored to contain. Still, for something as unannounced but anticipated as Ant-Man 3, we’ll take the rumors and reports we can get.

Ant-Man 3 is rumored to be directed by Peyton Reed. It is currently without a release date.