Aquaman First Poster Released As Social Media Accounts Go Live

The clock is ticking. We’re mere days away from San Diego Comic Con 2018 which is where (and when) the first trailer for Aquaman is expected to premiere. To build some hype for the inevitable release, social media accounts for the movie have gone live, revealing the first official poster. The movie’s twitter account has less than 4,000 followers as of now although that’s bound to change soon. Check it out below:

The poster shows Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry crouched on an underwater rock and surrounded by aquatic creatures such as sharks and turtles with the caption Home is Calling. That could be a nod to the movie’s premise in which a new threat brings Arthur back to his underwater home after a self-imposed exile on land. The movie will see him battle his brother Ocean Master defending the humans on land against the superiority of Atlanteans as Arthur is torn choosing between his two worlds while simultaneously preventing an all-out war between land and sea.

It’s also noticeable how bright the colors in the poster are, a move which Wan has often hinted at in his comments about the kind of movie he visualizes Aquaman to be, more akin to a fantasy than a superhero flick. Be sure to check back on SDCC 2018 for the first trailer to Aquaman right here on Appocalypse.

Aquaman releases in theaters on December 21, 2018.