Aquaman director James Wan shows a still off from the first trailer

With the amount of DC news we’re getting showered with, we might as well call it the week of the DC Universe. We’ve already received the first poster for Aquaman and as everyone knows, a trailer is set to arrive at SDCC this week. Director James Wan has now, sort of, shared a still from the trailer which he is currently finishing in the editing room for its timely release at San Diego Comic Con 2018. Check out his tweet below.


The image looks epic by all accounts and if it’s the standard to which the movie will hold up, we’re in for some breathtaking vistas from the world of Atlantis. The complexity of Aquaman‘s visual effects have been responsible for the trailer’s release, and even though there were rumors as early back as March and April, CGI is the reason we still haven’t received a trailer yet. We did get a bunch of stills though which you can check out in the link here.

Aquaman arrives in theaters on December 21, 2018. Tune back in for a first look at the trailer right here on Appocalypse.