Avengers 4 Trailer Reportedly Delayed Due To George H. W. Bush Mourning

Marvel fans sitting tight on social media awaiting some official news to drop on that Avengers 4 title and trailer might need to wait some more. Due to the unexpected passing of former US President George H. W. Bush, a nationwide mourning ceremony is to be held on Wednesday, making it obviously inappropriate and highly unlikely that Disney-Marvel will release the trailer on that day. This is also being corroborated by the sources who brought the scoop to begin with.

Of course this is a highly unusual piece to write. I’m essentially reporting on the delay of a trailer that was never officially announced in the first place. But there are times when the trade circuit is right about these things and it certainly appears this was one of those times, after the Captain Marvel trailer released today; it was one of the trailers reported to release this week, and it did. The unfortunate demise of such an important person has put Marvel’s plans in disarray, and with the now expected launch of the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer in the same week, this leaves them with few options.

Now that Wednesday is off the table, all bets are off as to when the trailer will arrive. The internet is in a pandemonium of sorts and is throwing all sorts of dates at when it might arrive but truth be told, we really have no idea at all at this point. It could arrive Thursday, or Friday, or even over the weekend (although that’s unlikely since Sony would like to take the weekend slot if they’re still planning the Far From Home t

At this point, I can only advise you to take all rumors you here about the Avengers 4 launch trailer, including the stuff you here on this site with a large grain of salt. At least until some solid source comes up with a proper confirmation. Until then, everything is just heresay and throwing stuff ot the wall and seeing what sticks. In either case, the trailer shouldn’t be far behind now for Marvel has little time left if they want the trailer ahead of December’s biggies like AquamanBumblebee and Mary Poppins Returns.

Are you disappointed at the delay? Wrong question, I guess. Let me rephrase that: How disappointed are you with the delay? Let us know in the comments below. And while you’re at it, consider biding your time by browsing the Avengers 4 archive.