Avengers: Infinity War breaks opening weekend record with $250 million in US, $630 million worldwide

Avengers: Infinity War is off to a staggering start. The movie has exceeded expectations and opened with a $250 million opening weekend in the United States. That number puts it ahead of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and its $248 million to become the biggest opening weekend of all time. Early projections had Infinity War tracking for a $200 million+ opening with some going as far as $225 million. Our own hope was it would reach $240 million, which it certainly surpassed.

Worldwide, the movie has opened to an astonishing $630 million, besting the previous record holder The Fate of the Furious at $548 million by a healthy margin. Internationally, that puts the movie’s haul at $380 million which is behind the $443 million posted by the Fast & Furious movie. However, Infinity War has yet to open in China which should easily add another $100 million to its opening figures and a significant revenue to its box-office haul. By all accounts, its performance is nothing short of mighty impressive. As a comparison, Justice League ended its entire box-office run with $659 million so Infinity War has technically amassed as much in its opening weekend as Justice League did in its entire run.

The movie is also doing significantly well in IMAX, the format in which it was shot. Of the $630 million it has earned, $41 million is from IMAX theaters, the largest ever. That includes $22.5 million from US IMAX venues and $18.5 million internationally. The movie has been breaking records not just in US but all over the world. We recently reported how Infinity War has broken the record for the best single-day gross for a Hollywood movie in India and is currently performing better than all 2018 movies released in that nation. Other countries like UK ($42.2 million), South Korea ($39.2 million), Mexico ($25.1 million), Australia ($23 million) and many more have posted record openings as well.

Infinity War is sure to break many more records in what could amount to a historic run. We’re currently at work on the review which should be out sometime soon. Meanwhile stay tuned to Appocalypse for more movie related news.