Thor and Star Lord exchange quips in new Avengers: Infinity War TV Spot

Sometimes the smallest of trailers can reveal the most. A short new TV Spot for Avengers: Infinity War gives us several new looks at the scene that plays out aboard The Milano where Thor convinces the Guardians of the Galaxy to join him in stopping Thanos. As is customary with most Avengers unions, Thor and Star Lord don’t seem to start off on the best of terms and the latter even mocks and emulates Thor’s deep voice, possibly to sound stronger. Have a look at the 16-second spot below.

This spot is now what, the seventh or eight official TV Spot officially released on the Marvel Studios YouTube channel for Infinity War. And that’s excluding the countless spots floating around that are uploaded elsewhere, with subtle variations here and there. Buzz around Infinity War is mighty strong and the movie is tracking for an opening as high as $240 million in North America alone. With marketing in full swing, the next two weeks should feature a bombardment of spots and spoilers so fans looking for an unspoiled experience best tread cautiously over the internet.

Let me know what you think of the spot in the comments below. Avengers: Infinity War releases April 27.