Avengers: Infinity War’s Final Battle Was 25-Pages Long In The Script

Time and again, Avengers: Infinity War has proven why huge and epic are but minor adjectives to describe what goes down in the movie. Whether it’s word about the movie featuring a scene with 40 superheroes, having a huge production budget or details about its massive Battle of Wakanda, every bit of news trickling in has raised the stakes and hype-levels further. Now, another tidbit courtesy Anthony Mackie looks to supersede some of these past bits and leave them biting the sand.

In an appearance in Good Morning America to promote the movie, Anthony Mackie revealed that one of the pivotal fight scenes in the movie ran 25 pages long in the script. Mackie also revealed it was the final fight sequence of the movie.

I got 25 pages, which was the final fight sequence.

Generally, a script translates to about 1 page per minute on screen. By that extension, this fight scene could run as long as 25 minutes although with action sequences, the timing transliterations might differ. Still, it’s not entirely inconceivable to feature an action scene that long; Captain America: Civil War had an Airport Battle that clocked in at 13 minutes and The Avengers had a climax that together with its character interactions pretty much took up 30 minutes. Recently though, we learned how Infinity War directors Anthony and Joe Russo wrote fake scenes to keep things closely guarded. While it’s less likely the sequence Mackie is talking about is entirely fake, it’s possible a lot of the twists and beats therein could be fudged. Moreover, whether the Russos would even hand the complete sequence to Mackie is questionable, never mind confirmation that he is involved in the said sequence.

If you wish to check out his quote, you can do so through the clip below. While the clip itself runs 7 minutes, Mackie’s quote should appear in the first minute and a half. A new scene was also presented from the movie featuring Black Widow and Captain America fight the Black Order so if you’re looking at avoiding any spoilers, stay away from that bit.

Avengers: Infinity War comes out in a matter of days now. Are you excited to see it? Let us know in the comments below.