Justice League new featurette focuses on the Batman

Since the past few weeks, Warner Bros. and AT&T have been holding superhero-themed weeks, releasing videos, featurettes and stills for each hero on a weekly basis. It started off with Aquaman, followed by the Flash and finally a week focused on both Wonder Woman and Cyborg. Inevitably, this week has been declared as being dedicated to Batman and it kicks off with an exclusive look at The Dark Knight.

The video released by AT&T seems to contain lots of new shots and angles with the Caped Crusader in focused. Notably striking are a couple of shots of Batman fighting which seem very reminiscent of scenes from the Arkham series of games developed by Rocksteady. Equally exciting are alternate angles of some of the scenes we’ve seen in trailers before. You can check out the complete video below (for some reason, it’s being shown as unlisted on YouTube).

Justice League releases in theaters on Nov 17.