Black Panther is selling more tickets than Captain America: Civil War in advance sales

Black Panther is certainly off to a leaping start if this recent piece of news is anything to go by. According to Deadline, Black Panther is outpacing Marvel’s best advance ticket seller Captain America: Civil War in the first 24 hours of tickets having gone on sale. That movie opened to a whopping $179 million which made it the highest opening for a Captain America movie and the fourth highest MCU movie opening of all time. Now while advance ticket sales are not necessarily an indicator of box-office success (it’s also only been a day since tickets went on sale), it’s still a good sign nonetheless.

Black Panther has been creating strong positive buzz. The first black superhero movie and the last MCU movie before the mammoth Avengers: Infinity WarBlack Panther looks set for a great run despite a Feb opening. Deadpool famously proved that success rarely depends on when you release the movie; a good movie can have a shot at succeeding even with a non-standard release date.

Black Panther is already tracking for a strong $80 – $85 million opening. While that number may seem small, it should be noted that despite being the 18th film in the MCU, it is the first in a new sub-franchise and thus in essence, more of an original flick based on a comic book. It remains to be seen how much of a strong impact the advance sales will have on the movie’s box-office performance.

Black Panther rolls into theaters on Feb 16, 2018. For our coverage of the movie, click here.