Black Widow Poster And Logo Released

Marvel just dropped a Black Widow trailer today that’s sure to kick off the high-profile blockbuster trailer frenzy in December (apparently, the first trailer for Daniel Craig’s final James Bond film No Time To Die is headed today as well). In addition to the teaser, Marvel has also released an official poster for Black Widow that also gives a look at the finalized Black Widow logo.

Black Widow Teaser Poster Logo

The logo and the hourglass symbol were leaked a long time back when Black Widow was filming. Nevertheless, it’s good to have official confirmation of these items so fans can pour and debate them over for clues. The trailer itself contains a lot of items worth talking about. I’m currently working on a breakdown but it could be a while before that’s released.

Black Widow hits theaters on May 1, 2020 or April 30, 2020 depending on where you live.