Captain Marvel action inspired by 90s action movies such as Terminator 2, says Feige

With so much coverage popping up, Avengers: Infinity War is hogging the spotlight front and center but that doesn’t mean we ought to forget some of the other fascinating projects Marvel Studios is working on. And one of these that seems to be shaping up nicely is next year’s Captain Marvel. Like the recently released Black Panther, the project has several firsts for Marvel Studios – it’s their first superhero film led primarily by a female character, their first to be directed by female directors and their first to be set during the 90s. All this opens up plenty of exciting storytelling possibilities, which Feige teased in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican.

We recently learned that Marvel Studios is opting for a more funny take on Ms. Marvel with writer Geneva Robertson-Dvoret bringing her experience in penning Tomb Raider to the script. However, Captain Marvel could still include some exciting 90s-styled action sequences and chases and Feige even revealed which movies could serve as inspiration while choreographing those scenes.

It also got us talking about different genres, exploring this notion of sort of the ‘90s action film. not necessarily talking about any particulars of the story, but the action elements Terminator 2. That’s about as iconic as you get, looking at kind of those cool street level fights, street level car chases, and fun stuff like that. That being said, much of the movie takes place in outer space, as you might think a Captain Marvel movie would. Like all of our genre inspirations, there are bits and pieces here and there.

It’s good to see that some ’90s influences will make their way into the movie, despite most of it being set outside Earth. Even more exciting is the notion of seeing a version of Nick Fury who wasn’t even aware about the existence of superheroes; his jab at Tony Stark in Iron Man about not being the only superhero in existence will definitely have something to do with his encounter with Ms. Marvel early in his life and that’s a notion the movie won’t be shying away from exploring. Of course as Marvel fans would know, Carol Danvers is far from the first superhero in existence but it looks like she’ll be the first that comes into the spotlight of Fury and his S.H.I.E.L.D.

We wanted to explore a period before Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury had any idea about any of the other heroes and crazy stuff going on in the world. You know, we first met Nick when he told Tony, “You’re part of a big universe. You just don’t know yet.” Well, we want to go back to a time when he didn’t know it yet, and really showcase and announce that Carol Danvers was that first hero that Nick came across. That meant she could be the singular hero, but place it within timing of the MCU.

Finally, on the prospect of representation and diversity in movies which Black Panther only helped push forward, and even on new directors for upcoming unannounced projects, Feige dished out a few words.

I think we’re seeing it shift from a very purposeful initiative to just a fact of life, to just a way of doing business. Then there are people we hired that we’re not ready to announce in all different capacities, particularly behind the camera. As Panther has so loudly declared, [representation] can only help you, can only help you tell unique stories, can only help you do things in a new, and unique, and fresh, and exciting way. If you do that, audiences will notice it, and appreciate it, and support it.

Of course it goes without saying that representation can only help you so much; in the end it’s a good movie that speaks out for itself. If you have some time on your hands, do check out the other part of the interview in which Feige talks about Black Panther 2, Infinity War as well as the X-Men and Fantastic Four here. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section and don’t forget to check out the full interview at the source link below.

Captain Marvel opens in theaters on March 6, 2019.