Captain Marvel First Clip Shows Train Fight Scene, Coulson’s First Line of Dialogue

Earlier today, Marvel Studios dropped the first Captain┬áMarvel clip giving us an extended look at the train fight scene heavily seen in both the movie’s trailers. The said sequence has Carol Danvers chasing a Skrull atop a train in her Kree outfit as Nick Fury and Phil Coulson race behind in their car. As if that weren’t enough, we also get a crystal clear look at Agent Phil Coulson as well as his first proper line of dialogue in the movie’s promotions thus far (or at least the first one where we can see him speak). Marvel just uploaded the clip in full glorious 1080p resolution on their official YouTube channel so have a look.

There’s little to pick up here that we haven’t deduced from the trailers already, except that the Skrull here has taken the form of a man. I can only assume this means the scene with Captain Marvel punching the old lady in the face appears after this rooftop fight. In fact, right at the very end, an approaching tunnel forces Danvers inside the train. I’m assuming she then treads with caution as the Skrull ahead has changed its appearance to assume the old lady’s form, giving rise to the infamous confrontation.

It’s also great to get a look at both Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg in their digitally de-aged forms. The dynamic nature of the shots they’re involved in only goes on to show how much effort went behind the VFX. Marvel has really begun stepping up their marketing campaign now and I can bet this won’t be the only clip we see from this movie. In fact, if Disney’s promotion strategy is anything to go by, expect a Captain Marvel Super Bowl Spot in a day or two.

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8, 2019. Brush up your coverage if you haven’t and stay tuned to Appocalypse for updates.