Captain Marvel First Look Arriving Tomorrow? Or Today?

It’s official. Something big Captain Marvel is arriving at noon. Carol Danvers actress Brie Larson herself took to Twitter to confirm the news in a promotional back-and-forth with Entertainment Weekly, the publication which has largely been responsible for such big reveals from Marvel Studios off late.

What that something entails between a poster, an article describing a scene, an article revealing new tidbits from the movie, a magazine cover showing Brie Larson in full costume for the first time (officially that is), a teaser or even a full-blown trailer is unknown at this point. It could be either of these items, a combination of these or something else entirely. If historical track record is anything to go by though, this promotion should kick-start a bevy of reveals that could lead to the launch of the first trailer for Captain Marvel.

Marvel’s official Twitter account added a further element of twist to the aforementioned exchange when they tweeted that the said reveal could come a day early i.e. today noon. I wonder if it’s any coincidence that they’re timing it with Teacher’s Day (Carol Danvers as a role-model-cum-teacher for empowering women?). In either case, the said reveal could either happen today noon or tomorrow noon and we’ll be there to cover it for you.

This news should come as a relief for Marvel fans. Aside from the Blu-Ray release of Avengers: Infinity War, there hasn’t been any constructive news about the MCU as a whole. Sure James Gunn got embroiled in a controversy that cost him his job but that’s not exactly the kind of news that we as MCU fans want to hear. Hopefully this means more MCU stuff on the horizon, especially that Avengers 4 title reveal.