Captain Marvel Bombarded With Negative Reviews On Rotten Tomatoes; Embargo Lifts Today

Captain Marvel has had a press screening and the review embargo official lifts today, 9:30 PM PT. As we await some official critic reactions though, Rotten Tomatoes has opened up its audience review section and people are bombarding the site with negative reviews. Pretty much all of the reviews are hating on the movie for its supposed “feminist propaganda” and its SJW approach without having anything to do with the actual movie itself; unsurprising considering the movie hasn’t even screened for audiences yet.

The way I understand, the audience review section reads a lot more like a comments section on a forum, with the only statistic available thus far being the percentage of people who want to see the movie. With over 5,000 reviews, that number has dropped to 78%. This isn’t unlike the massive smear campaign that was unleashed by angry “fans” back in 2018 when Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit theaters. Viewers were similarly angry at the director for “ruining” their franchise and flocked to Rotten Tomatoes to downgrade its rating, with some even openly declaring their intentions on Facebook posts. Fandom can really get ugly at times.

In an ideal world, I’d propose everyone just get along, watch what they wish to watch and move one with the stuff they don’t like. Everyone should feel free to voice an opinion if it’s a genuine critique of the movie but painting something in a negative light just because you think it caters to a certain section of society is unfair to the creators and filmmakers who’ve poured in hours and hours of effort to get the movie ready for release. To readers, I’d suggest you not be influenced by these negative “reviews” and make up your own mind about whether you wish to see the movie or not; either choice is okay and it should be your choice entirely.

Captain Marvel hits theaters in less than three weeks now, on March 8, 2019. Check out our coverage of the movie right here on Appocalypse.