Captain Marvel Shatters Expectations With $69 Million Second Weekend, Earned $760 Million So Far

Captain Marvel has punched its haters and trolls right in the gut. After a great opening weekend, the movie has done phenomenally well in its second weekend in theaters, staying No. 1 at the box office and pulling in $69 million. In the process, it dropped just 54%, much better than the average 56% drop of MCU movies and a great statisttic in the context of blockbuster movies (even though it may not appear as such upon first glance). Captain Marvel has now pulled in $266 million domestically and $494 internationally for a worldwide total of $760 million.

At this rate, Captain Marvel is already the thirteenth highest grossing movie domestically in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the eleventh highest grossing worldwide. It has surpassed the lifetime grosses of such movies as Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, Man of Steel (and practically every other Superman movie), Suicide Squad and The Amazing Spider-Man movies. Considering that it has at least another week to play before Disney’s Dumbo and Warner Bros.’ Shazam begin hitting screens, it looks highly likely that Captain Marvel will end its box office run with $1 billion in the bank.

Internationally, the film has done amazingly well in China with an estimated $132 million in 10 days. Other outperforming markets include South Korea (36.5 million), the UK ($30.9 million), Brazil ($24.3 million) and Mexico ($22 million). At its current pace, it looks set to pass the lifetime run of Guardians of the Galaxy and could potentially beat Wonder Woman‘s $821.8 million as well.

Captain Marvel is currently running in theaters worldwide. Check out our review of the movie and tune in to Appocalypse for more coverage.