Captain Marvel Starforce Image Debuts, Will Lead Directly Into Avengers: Endgame

Less than 48 hours after Captain Marvel got a fresh still, another one has arrived. This one shows Carol Danvers and Jude Law assembled as the Starforce team in full formation. The image was released by Fandango as part of their exclusive 2019 movie preview and you can look at it here.

Captain Marvel Starforce Fandango

The Starforce was a team in the comics that represented an elite branch of the Kree military. It made its debut in 1992 with the Operation: Galactic Storm storyline and included the likes of Ronan The Accuser, Korath The Pursuer, Doctor Minerva, Captain Atlas, Shatterax and several others. The first three of these already seem to be in the movie, played by Lee Pace, Djimon Honsou and Gemma Chan respectively. Whether or not they end up being a part of the Starforce alliance remains to be seen.

What’s interesting, or rather intriguing is a quote accompanying the image in question. Fandango says that Captain Marvel‘s “90s-set adventures in this film will lead directly to the events of the Avengers finale, in theaters the following month”. This is no typo, as they explicitly use the word “events”, making it highly likely that Captain Marvel will end with Carol Danvers either receiving or responding to Fury’s message and possibly picking up the pager.

It’s good to see Marvel Studios finally kicking up on the marketing for Captain Marvel. It means we can expect to hear a lot more about that movie as the weeks flow by, which consequently means you’re going to see us cover that movie a lot more frequently. Stay tuned.

Captain Marvel releases in theaters on March 8, 21019.