The Biggest Moments From The First Captain Marvel Trailer

The very first footage from Captain Marvel debuted in the form of a teaser trailer a while ago and in case you aren’t aware, it’s in the process of breaking the internet. While that goes on, the trailer itself is packed with huge moments and some interesting reveals that are undoubtedly going to be dissected heavily over the web. We’ve compiled a short list of such moments ourselves which we feel warrant all the attention they can. Without further ado, they follow:


The trailer begins with Brie Larson in full Captain Marvel costume crashing into a Blockbuster store on earth. The shot lingers on longer than expected and serves as a double entendre of sorts. First, it affirms the movie’s 90s setting, placing it before any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films except Captain America: The First Avenger. Second, it cheekily hints that like most of their previous attempts, Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel is destined to be a blockbuster in its own right.

As if this were not enough, a few seconds later, we see Carol Danvers getting up from her fall with a placard for Action dangling in the background, yet again signifying the movie’s genre.

Two Different Outfits

We notice during the course of the trailer that Brie Larson dons two costumes in the movie, or the same costume in two color combinations. One of these is the green colored outfit, which is more prominently displayed in the footage, and was also the one in which Larson was photographed on set several times. It was confirmed to be her Kree outfit and she can be seen walking with Krees towards a confrontation in one of the scenes.

The other costume is Captain Marvel’s trademark red outfit which she presumably dons after she gains her powers, or when she’s in full destruction mode (although technically that’s not correct since we do see her fire up her powers atop a train with the green costume on). The green outfit was confirmed to be her Kree costume and the red outfit should probably serve as an upgrade of some sort.

Nick Fury

Samuel Jackson returns to the MCU as Nicholas J. Fury. Gone is the eye-path, as also supposedly the moniker of the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., with this version of Nick Fury simply being an agent. Jackson is digitally de-aged for the role using a combination of makeup and CGI. Unlike in other MCU installments, this effect should apply through the movie for scenes featuring Jackson.

From the trailer, it appears Fury connects with Danvers on their shared history as being soldiers of war or renegades, as he puts it. The fact that this is set in the 90s makes Danvers the first super-powered being he’s met in his life. His connection to the larger story is still shrouded in secrecy, although the teaser hints at him teaming up with Danvers to stop a potential invasion of earth from space. The invaders?


While not heavy on Skrulls, we do get our first look at these characters as they set foot on earth, as well as the forms they can take. In one of the sequences towards the end, Captain Marvel is seen smacking an old lady who’s clearly a Skrull in disguise. We also see the leader of the Skrull army, played by Ben Mendelsohn who was showcased in the recently released stills.

Skrulls are also said to have infiltrated the highest levels of S.H.I.E.L.D.. And the fact that they’re being introduced so early implies it’s highly likely we’re going to see them in some form in the upcoming Avengers 4. Could they impersonate one of our fallen heroes? Hard to tell but anything’s possible.

The Pager

For those who saw Avengers: Infinity War, which is pretty much the entire world (exaggeration aside), a post-credits scene depicted Nick Fury paging Captain Marvel just before he disintegrated. We see that pager in a still from this movie, which is perfect being a 90s setup, and expect more to be revealed on its use as a call for help. In the context of this scene, it appears Fury is messaging Danvers that he’s successfully managed to infiltrate whoever it is they’re planning to take down.

Her Hero

As with most trailers, there’s a tagline embedded within the trailer that’s displayed loud and clear for all to read. In this case, the tagline is Discover What Makes Her A Hero. The interesting bit here is the transition from Her to A Hero which occurs seamlessly, serving a strong case for female empowerment while also meaning a lot for the MCU as a whole, given that Captain Marvel is the first Marvel Studios film to be headlined by a female superhero. And even though Ant-Man and the Wasp beat Captain Marvel by becoming the first to feature a female hero in the title, this one’s lead completely by a female Brie Larson which makes it a milestone in its own right.


Lee Pace makes a return as Ronan The Accuser and we briefly spotted him in one shot in the trailer. Also returning is Korath played by Djimon Honsou although he was nowhere to be seen (correct us in the comments below). Considering that it’s set 14 years before Guardians of the Galaxy, which marked Ronan’s debut in the MCU, expect to see a lot of Ronan’s past, including shades of events that led to the Kree-Xandar treaty. Moreover, with the Kree being an important part of the movie, and Jude Law being one of the Kree leaders (supposedly), their relationship with Ronan will be interesting to explore.

Clark Gregg

Yes, Agent Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D. is back. Gregg is also set to be de-aged like Jackson and while we only get a shot of him in the trailer, I’m sure Marvel fans will be heaving a sigh of relief, and even looking forward to some interesting references from the character supporting the development of his past in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Could Melinda May also make an appearance? Don’t count on it but we’d absolutely love it if that were to happen.


Even though the filmmakers revealed that Carol Danvers would have her powers at the start of the movie, expect some flashbacks to explain how that came to be. We see scenes depicting a young Carol Danvers, as a child, failing but refusing to give up her training. It’s reminiscent of Steve Rogers’s callback to his alley brawl (I can do this all day) and it at least gives us hope that we’d be treated to an explanation of her origin, if not have the entire movie center around it.


Holy Captain Marvel Batman? What was it that we spotted at 1:40 in the trailer? It looks like Brie Larson in some form of underwater costume but the resemblance to Batman (or Bat-Woman in this case) is uncanny.

There’s simply so much to look at, it’s easy to gloss over a lot of details or risk running the article lengthy. I’m sure we missed a lot of moments (Jude Law’s entry). Let us know your favorites in the comments below.

Captain Marvel arrives in theaters on March 9, 2019.