First Captain Marvel TV Spot Hits The Internet

Marvel Studios uploaded the first TV Spot for Captain Marvel an hour ago. Titled Born Free, the spot itself doesn’t contain any new footage (nor music) and is simply a cut down edited version of the recently released Captain Marvel Trailer 2. Have a look below:

It’s no surprise that Marvel is aggressively promoting Captain Marvel, to the point of releasing TV Spots over two months before the movie’s release. Marvel will most likely be seeing Carol Danvers’ debut appearance as their Black Panther this year and are surely going to mount an aggressive campaign for the movie until it hits the screens, and even after that. I wouldn’t be surprised if Captain Marvel got a Superbowl spot at February’s big game event as well.

If you’re looking for some new stuff related to the movie, a fresh look at Captain Marvel is slated to arrive in Empire’s February 2019 issue. It ought to contain a few images and new tidbits about the movie and is expected to go on the stands later this week.

Captain Marvel releases across theaters on March 8, 2019.