Chris Pine On Wonder Woman 1984’s Tonal Differences

Wonder Woman was an important superhero movie, not just for director Patty Jenkins and its star Gal Gadot but for the DCEU and the superhero genre as a whole. It gave comicbook movies its first full-fledged successful female-led adaptation while giving DCEU its first universal hit. Director Patty Jenkins is working on the sequel Wonder Woman 1984 which wrapped principal photography a few weeks ago and both her and Chris Pine teased on the movie’s tonal differences and the effort involved.

“This one is a little different for me tonally. The tables are turned, and I’m more of the deer in the headlights”, exclaimed Chris Pine who played Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman and whose character (spoiler alert) sacrificed himself to avert a major disaster at the turn of World War I. Miraculously though, Trevor is back in Wonder Woman 1984 leading to all sorts of theories around his return. He took time off from the shooting to explore the locations they shot at and welled up at seeing the Supreme Court, emerging “super-energized and pro-America”.

Jenkins on her part, recalled the difference in shooting for the sequel as opposed to Wonder Woman. This time, there was a lot lesser resistance, a plan in place and a creative team that was familiar with the world they were returning to, aside from the different era.

I think that every time you do something, it’s for the first time. Wonder Woman 1984 is different because we all know each other, and that world is understood a lot more.

Wonder Woman 1984 is set for release on June 5, 2020, having shifted its release date from the earlier November 2019. It stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine who will reprise their roles as Diana Prince and Steve Trevor respectively, along with Kristen Wiig who plays the antagonist Cheetah and an ensemble of supporting characters.