Christopher Nolan Reveals Why He Cast Robert Pattinson In Tenet

Robert Pattinson may have claimed / feiged ignorance about the plot of Tenet but Christopher Nolan is smart enough to look past that. In an interview with GQ, the director revealed the performances of Pattinson that led him to cast the actor in his upcoming event film evolving from the world of international espionage.

Nolan was drawn to Pattinson’s performances in Good Time and The Lost City Of Z. He called upon Pattinson to join him and reignite the A-list that he had abandoned after his stint with Twilight and Harry Potter.

Rob seemed to be in exactly the right place in his career to want to come along and invent with me.

Meanwhile, Pattinson was getting a little worried about working on these intriguing films that he feared no one would see. Like any normal person, he started having worries about his career’s security. And with Nolan’s call coming in, he decided to take the plunge and return to the world of big movies with a splash. No coincidence then that on the first day of filming Tenet he landed the role of the Dark Knight himself in Matt Reeves The Batman.

Tenet is expected to hit theaters on July 17, although a final decision in that regard will be taken within the coming week.