Disney & Marvel Reach Out To Cancer-Stricken Marvel Fan Regarding Avengers: Endgame

Avengers 4 Alexander worked. A few days back, Marvel fans launched a campaign pleading with Marvel Studios and Disney to let a fellow terminally ill patient known as Alexander see Avengers:¬†Endgame since he wouldn’t make it until the movie’s premiere. We covered the story on our site as well. Alexander has since joined Twitter and let us know that thte studio has reached out to him and they’re discussing options for the same.

The campaign follows Alexander’s viral Reddit post in which he asked for a way to see Endgame before he passed away. Fans came to the rescue, mounting a campaign with the hashtag #Avengers4Alexander (suggested by another Reddit User _batata_vada). The hashtag quickly began spreading with several Twitter users joining the cause. Jeremy Conrad of MCU Cosmic helped propel it further with his tweet which reached his many thousands of followers. For a while, there was no response from Disney / Marvel until Alex’s tweet.

At this point, it’s still uncertain if Alex will get his screening since we don’t have any official word. But the fact that Disney-Marvel have at least reached out is victory enough, for it proves that the studios listen to the fans and are at least willing to consider the possibility. We’d like to believe we contributed in our own small way through our post, regardless of how small a number of people it reached. It’s the droplets that make up the ocean after all.

We’ll post updates as and when we have any. For now, be sure to follow dear old Alex on Twitter and donate to research of Fanconi Anemia, the condition responsible for Alex’s condition.