Glass Opens To $89 Million Worldwide, Recovers Its Production Budget

Director M. Night Shyamalan’s superhero thriller Glass is off to a great start. The underwhelming reviews notwithstanding, Glass opened at #1 over the weekend and managed to make $40.5 million domestically and $89 million worldwide. While that’s lower than the $50 – $70 million it was expected to make domestically, that’s still a solid opening for Shyamalan’s movie. In fact, with these numbers, Glass has already recovered its $20 million production budget.

Glass has received a lot of criticism for a myriad of reasons, chief among which are the multiple twists Shyamalan adds to what was considered a grounded universe. The movie’s Rotten Tomato reception currently stands at 36 percent with its Metacritic score sitting at 44 percent. Cinemascore audiences gave it a B, an average rating and certainly somewhat better than critics. Regardless, that hasn’t entirely stopped moviegoers from witnessing the finale to Unbreakable and Split, collectively referred to as the Eastrail 177 trilogy.

Opening weekend figures are sometimes immune to general word-of-mouth. Often, such movies take a huge dip in their second weekend (Batman┬áv┬áSuperman being a case in point). It remains to be seen how Glass will fare in its second weekend, and that’s certainly something that’ll be more interesting to analyse.

Glass is currently playing in theaters now. It stars characters from both movies, including Samuel L. Jackson as Elijah Price, Bruce Willis as David Dunn, Spencer Treat Clark as Joseph Dunn and Charlayne Woodard as Mrs. Price from Unbreakable alongside James McAvoy as Kevin Wendell Crum and Anya-Taylor Joy as Casey Cooke. Sarah Paulson is the franchise newcomer and plays as Dr. Ellie Staple.