Justice League deleted scene confirms it was Superman in the trailer with Alfred

With Justice League now available on¬†Digital HD, we’re seeing a steady outflow of material make its way to the internet. Prime among these are the movie’s deleted scenes featuring Superman. We already saw one a few days back which gave us a first look at Superman’s excluded black costume. This scene had Henry Cavill’s now revived Superman looking around his Kryptonian ship scouting a costume.

Now a new scene has made its way online, albeit in considerably poorer quality than the first one. This scene immediately follows the earlier scene and has Superman land at the lakehouse where Alfred has been working on Bruce Wayne’s Aston Martin. He walks up to Alfred, inquisitively remarking, “I’m assuming you’re Alfred.” Alfred responds in kind, calling him “Master Kent”, and proceeds to quote the line from the trailer.

The scene hasn’t been released in HD quality but is unofficially available to watch on YouTube. We’ve embedded one of the links hosting the scene below although, seeing that it’s recorded quality, it’s highly likely it will be taken down by Warner Bros. soon.


Justice League is out on Digital HD and will be available on Blu-Ray next month.