Rumor: Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer To Air At Superbowl?

A new rumor doing the rounds is that Warner Bros. might air a Superbowl Spot for the Justice League Snyder Cut that fans have been clamoring for ever since the movie released. The source on this for now is the founder of Comic Book Cast who “has heard” about Warner Bros. has apparently purchased a 30-second spot for something called “The S-Cut”. Here’s his tweet, embedded below.


So what is this? I’d advise you all to take this with a huge grain of salt, and there are multiple reasons for that.

First off, this is not the first time rumblings of a Snyder Cut trailer being aired at Superbowl have come up. Last year, after Justice League had been in theaters for about 3 months, fans began expecting a Superbowl trailer for the Snyder cut to show up at Superbowl 2018. The difference is that these were just tweets “expecting” something whereas this time, it’s a legit source claiming something.

This then brings us to the second reason why this is unlikely to pan out. It’s the debate that has been raging on since Justice League released. The movie already cost $300 million to make and barely made back double its budget. For a Snyder Cut to happen would mean Warner Bros. would need to have Zack Snyder back on the table, secretly involved in lock and key editing scenes without the public aware of it. Visual effects shots would be worked on behind the scenes, without an inkling of anyone knowing.

That’s a lot of secrets to keep, even for someone like Snyder himself. Remember, Warner Bros. announced Batman v Superman at SDCC 2013, a mere month after the release of Man of Steel. I’m pretty sure they already know the positive publicity they would get from fans on the Snyder Cut and so, would’ve definitely gotten the word out if they were working on it.

Lastly, with the success of Aquaman and positive buzz being built around Shazam and Joker, it seems unlikely Warner Bros. would want to dwell onto the past and suddenly bring Justice League into the foray. That chapter of their DC Universe is done and the studio would much prefer looking ahead now rather than being stuck in the past hung over Zack Snyder’s failings.

So how come this source has heard about WB purchasing a spot for the S-Cut? It’s possible the S is actually for Shazam and not Justice League though with a second trailer due soon, it would be odd for Warner Bros. to air a Superbowl spot immediately. The likely scenario is that Shazam gets a Superbowl spot, which leads to the release of the extended trailer a day or two later online.

There is a fleeting chance though that, as the tweet says, Warner Bros. pull off a 10 Cloverfield Lane and just drop the trailer out of know where. For those unaware, Netflix dropped the first trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane during Superbowl 2018 and premiered the film on their streaming service on the same day. The second part is something Warner Bros. is unlikely to do and even airing the trailer has, like a 1 percent chance of happening. Knowing fans though, they’re still going to treat this as an absolute certainity.

So what do you think? Does a Snyder Cut trailer at Superbowl 2019 seem like a possibility? Would you even want to see one? Let us know in the comments below?