Kevin Feige Teases Future Plans For The Mandarin & Ten Rings, Confirms When Captain America Became Worthy & More

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was gracious enough to take time off his busy schedule and do an AMA on Reddit (technically, it was an AMAA). He responded to quite a lot of fan questions and while he did not intend to give out any spoilers or hints at the future of the MCU, some answers reveal interesting tidbits that confirm lingering theories while also suggest things that we may have in store for the future.

User u/GentlemanGearGrinder landed the biggest scoop when he asked Feige about his plans of including The Ten Rings terrorist organization and The Mandarin as seen in the 2013 One-Shot All Hail The King in the future. Feige responded with a simple “Yes” that sent fandom into a tizzy. For those out of the loop, The Mandarin was supposed to be the main villain in Iron Man 3 until Marvel pulled out a twist and circumvented the traditional foe from the comics. They however, revealed the real Mandarin as being alive and even resembling Ben Kingsley’s Trevor Slattery in looks. That Marvel has plans for them down the line is huge and speculation is rife that they could either appear in a Disney+ series or perhaps in the upcoming action movie Shang-Chi.

Feige also agreed on the One-Shots helping flesh out the characters in response to a question from Reddit user u/ThorbowskisBeard, suggesting that the Disney+ series could play the role of Marvel’s One-Shots with a longer running time and a larger budget at their disposal.

The best thing about the One Shots is that we got to flesh out other characters. It’s tremendously exciting that we now have Disney+ series where we get to do that on a grand scale with many of the characters you know and love.

Kevin Feige on Marvel One-Shots and Disney+ Series

User u/KrazzyDJ asked a series of questions, including whether Captain America has been worthy for quite a while or became so in the moment when he faced Thanos in Endgame. Feige affirmed the Cap’s been worthy for a while theory:

We think he was always worthy and was being polite in Age of Ultron.

Kevin Feige on whether Captain America was always worthy

He also revealed that producer Jonathan Schwartz is lurking around the Marvel Studios subreddit. Feige also saw Endgame in a movie theater with the common audience / fans and recalls it as being one of the most amazing experiences of his life.

Check out the Reddit AMA thread through the source link below. It’s great that Feige came onboard to interact with fans; the MCU has largely been for the fans and this was a great way of Marvel showcasing their respect for the community. And let me know if you got a chance to ask Feige a question in the comments below.