Man dies while watching Avengers: Infinity War in India

Avengers: Infinity War had a lot of casualties within the movie itself. It appears it’s now indirectly responsible for at least one casualty in real-life. A report by Times of India claims a man passed away during the screening of Infinity War. The 43-year old mason worker Peddapasupula Baasha was watching the movie at the Cinehub Multiplex theater in Proddatur, Andhra Pradesh when the said incident occurred.

Baasha went to watch the movie as part of May 1 Labor Day celebrations. After the movie ended, he was spotted sitting motionless at his seat. Officials then presumed he was merely waiting for the post-credits scene but rushed to examine him after finding no movement thereafter. They removed the 3-D glasses and found his eyes lying open with no sign of life. The rural police of Proddatur reached the spot and began scrutinizing the scene while sending the body for post-mortem examination. A heart attack or cardiac arrest is being touted as the most likely scenario. A case of suspicious death was registered even as the investigation continues.

As bizarre as this may sound, it’s not the first instance of someone passing away during a movie’s screening. As many as 37 deaths were recorded in theaters 2016 while watching The Conjuring 2 and there was even a Taiwanese man who died watching Avatar in 2010. Of course most of these happen to be triggered by the patient’s pre-existing conditions when arriving in theaters but it’s not a far stretch to imagine that a surge of excitement could stimulate a cardiac arrest.

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