Marvel Fan Dying of Cancer Wants To See Avengers: Endgame

There’s still a good four months left until Avengers: Endgame hits theaters. A highly anticipated movie, it’s being regarded as the conclusion to the 21 films Marvel has released in its Cinematic Universe until that point. Unfortunately, some people who’ve been following the MCU since its inception may not be able to make it to the movie’s release. We had a similar situation last year with Avengers: Infinity War and it appears fate has reared its ugly head yet again.

Once such Reddit user has shared a heartbreaking post. Battling his final days, he has expressed a desire to see Endgame before his demise. Suffering from liver cancer and bone marrow failure, he most likely won’t be able to make it until the movie’s release and has appealed to fellow redditors to help him in witnessing the finale to the ongoing 11-year old MCU as a fan. Here’s his post:

Dying Before April: My Endgame

Liver cancer, mouth cancer, bone marrow failure. Will probably be dead before April. I’ve heard of people getting early screenings before.

How do I get in on this action?

I’m not a child or anyone with a particularly tragic story. Just a normal guy. I’m 33, lost my sister three years ago to the same rare genetic disease it turns out I have too. I’ll leave behind a devoted girlfriend and an adopted greyhound.

I thought I’d make it to April at least but my bone marrow is toast.

Any suggestions?

Reddit User u/alexander_q

Helpful redditors have come to his aid, pinging user accounts of Anthony and Joe Russo, with some suggesting him to get on Twitter and start a tweet with a potentially viral hashtag like #ThisIsNotTheEndGame, #MyEndGame or #Avengers4Alex. Twitter scooper Jeremy Conrad of MCU Cosmic has helped the appeal gain some traction by posting it on his Twitter account.

This is somewhat tangential to the kind of stuff I cover but I couldn’t help but be drawn to the guy’s calls for help. A 33-year old still a die-hard fan of comic book movies is definitely something that resonates. That he won’t be able to witness what’s undoubtedly going to be one hell of a conclusion is saddening in itself. And yet, despite the gloomy scenario, he’s managed to maintain his nonchalance towards his ordeal and keep his upbeat humor and attitude intact. I’m pretty sure the chances of this post going viral are slim but if writing about it helps at least a few viewers take notice of the man’s plight and get the message across, I’d be glad to help.

To that end, I urge all readers to spread the word. You don’t even necessarily have to share the article; feel free to share the original Reddit post, retweet Jeremy’s tweet or make your own Facebook, Instagram post and tag the people involved. In this case, that would be Kevin Feige (@Kevfeige), The Russo Brothers (@Russo_Brothers), Marvel Studios (@MarvelStudios), Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) or even some of the celebrities like Robert Downey Jr. (@RobertDowneyJr), Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans), Brie Larson (@brielarson), Mark Ruffalo (@MarkRuffalo) and Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth).

Let’s do our best to get his voice heard and hand him the best Endgame he could ever get.