Marvel released a new Black Panther trailer and it’s as dope as the teaser

While everyone is probably salivating at the prospect of a new inevitable Avengers: Infinity War trailer as well as the release of Thor: Ragnarok being around the horizon, Marvel seems intent on capitalizing on the hype. And so, Marvel has dropped a brand new trailer for Black Panther that explores more of Wakanda and gives us a look at both some weapons in store in T’Challa’s Black Panther costume as well as some truly exhilarating action all while managing to be as badass as the first trailer was.

It’s interesting to see the trailer being particularly light on plot elements, with the trailer mostly interspersed with generic pieces of dialogue to camouflage revealing any major plot details. It does open though with Martin Freeman’s Everett Ross referencing the Avengers and aliens followed by then proceeding to describe the hidden city of Wakanda as being even more baffling than these already strange occurrences. This is immediately succeeded by T’Challa returning back to his homeland with Nakia and Okoye (played by Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira respectively) in a Wakandan ship which also reveals a cloaking shield covering the city, explaining how it has managed to stay hidden all this while.

From here on, we see lots of cool shots featuring Black Panther leaping onto cars and a fight in a city that seems to be an extension of the incredible teaser-ending sequence that saw T’Challa make a leap from above a car. We also get more looks at the protagonist Erik Killmonger including his ability to summon a clone of the Black Panther suit over his body. The trailer shows different takes and angles of many of the shots from the first teaser but, as mentioned previously, keeps story details under wraps.

Watch the trailer embedded in the link above. Marvel’s next release in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Thor: Ragnarok which releases on Nov 3, 2017 followed by Black Panther which comes out on Feb 16, 2018. Capping them out is Avengers: Infinity War which is set for release on May 4, 2018