Matt Reeves has confirmed The Batman is a part of the DCEU

In the last few days, a strange bit of news began doing the rounds sending the worldwide DCEU fans in a tizzy. This follows hot on the heels after a standalone origin movie for The Joker to be produced by Martin Scorsese was announced. According to the rumor, the new Batman solo flick starring Ben Affleck to be directed by Matt Reeves would be a standalone story, not a part of the DCEU.

Fans began a massive outrage blaming and criticizing the DC executives for not having any level of coherence in their world building and ditching the shared universe concept after failing to get most of their movies to succeed. It also didn’t help that Justice League has been said to reportedly be in a hot mess after the multiple reshoots it has been undergoing off late.

Turns out, this piece of news about The Batman was nothing but a false interpretation of the director’s statements. Director Matt Reeves took to Twitter yesterday to confirm that the standalone Batman movie will indeed be a part of the larger DC continuity established in recent movies and that, his comment about the movie being standalone was misinterpreted. Reeves was essentially trying to say that (like the recently released Wonder Woman), The Batman won’t feature cameos or references to other DC characters and would work as a story all by itself. Here are his exact words from Twitter.

So we guess there’s nothing to worry about. The Batman will be a part of DC’s Universe after all. A few days back The Batman was the subject of another rumor in which Ben Affleck had purportedly signed-on with Matt Reeves for a Batman trilogy. While that rumor was in a more positive light, it caught on like fire until it was shot down by credible sources.

Now if we could just get that confirmation about the extent of Affleck’s involvement in the solo Batman movies.