Matt Reeves assures fan The Batman is going “really really well”

Since Matt Reeves took on The Batman, the director has been largely silent on its progress. Except for brief news here and there such as his update on the story or his reassurance that he’s staying as director, we haven’t heard anything about what the solo Batman movie’s plot might entail or even who will star in the titular role. A concerned fan took matters into his own hands and decided to ask the director himself on how exactly is it going with The Dark Knight’s solo outing in the DCEU. The director surprisingly responded, assuring the fan it was going really, really well.

Ever since the bat reception of Batman v Superman and the tumultuous production and tepid reviews of Justice League, the future of The Batman has been in doubt. Once upon a time, during the production of Batman v Superman, Warner Bros. was so confident in Ben Affleck and in the movie itself that they courted the Good Will Hunting and Argo star to helm an entire trilogy of Batman films. Affleck even considered it for quite a while and was even slated to take on the mantle of director on the first Batman movie but couldn’t quite handle the pressure and quit. However with the DCEU’s poor performance, Affleck has been reportedly wanting out of the universe which has cast doubt over how many appearances will he make as the Caped Crusader before he hangs the cowl. There have since been rumors that Reeves has met with other actors, most notably Jake Gyllenhall for the famed role. At the current rate, it’s looking increasingly likely that Reeves would start filming The Batman by early 2019 for a mid-2020 release.

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