Could A Mission: Impossible 7 Teaser Trailer Or Title Reveal Arrive Next Week?

Could fans be treated to their first look at Mission: Impossible 7 as early as next week? It’s the season of big-budget movie trailers and Marvel has dominated the space in the past few days. A lot of buzz also happens to stem from the fact that Cinemacon is taking place this week, with major studios set to showcase their high-profile tentpoles to exhibitors.

It just so happens that one of those studios is Paramount. The distributor of the Mission: Impossible series, Paramount has a Cinemacon panel scheduled for August 26, between 10:00 AM to 12:15 PM PST. The presentation is set to highlight the studio’s upcoming slate. Among the studio’s major upcoming tentpoles are Top Gun: Maverick, Scream, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts and Mission: Impossible 7. There’s a very slim chance then that the studio will not have anything to show off from Tom Cruise’s most lucrative franchise.

After Comic Con got cancelled, Cinemacon has become a hotbed of activity. Yesterday saw the release of the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer and today, fans are anticipating The Matrix 4 trailer to be screened and subsequently shown online. And while cameras are not allowed, it’s difficult to contain leaks in events as big as these so studios tend to follow the strategy of dropping the trailers online soon after they’re screened.

In a nice bit of coincidence, Mission: Impossible is not even a stranger to the event. Back in 2018, Tom Cruise had dominated Cinemacon and the Mission: Impossible – Fallout segment consisted of footage of his Halo jump in the movie. That scene was not released online of course but we’re living in different times now, times when studios need to make people badly excited about movies to draw them on the big screen.

It’s equally possible then that, if not a trailer, some sort of first look at Mission: Impossible 7 drops, comprising purely of a montage of unrelated scenes. Or, in a surprise bit, the studio could drop an impressive scene or clip featuring one of the risky stunts Cruise has been pulling off. And given what we’ve been hearing about the stunts, from the bike jump to the train crash, there won’t be any dearth of scenes to pull from. At the very least, the studio could reveal the titles of 7th and 8th installments in the series and announce them to the world with some teaser posters. If nothing else becomes official, I’m banking on at least this coming out of the event.

Assuming the film intends to meet its release date, we’re 8 to 9 months away from the movie which, while unusually long for a Mission: Impossible movie to begin its marketing, can still be worked out seeing that they’d want to promote the movie extra hard.

Let’s hope we get some raw, real action to munch on for the weekend. If true, this would be one hell of a Cinemacon. Mission: Impossible 7 is set for a May 27, 2022 release date.