The first Mission: Impossible – Fallout trailer is here

Tom Cruise has taken to social media in the last few days to share stills and behind the scenes takes from his upcoming Mission: Impossible installment. He promised to fans that a first look at the movie would arrive today at 12:00 noon. And true to his word, Cruise took to Instagram today to share the first trailer for the latest in the long running franchise, succinctly titled Fallout.

While the plot isn’t spelled out clearly, we do get hints of IMF Agent Ethan Hunt dealing with some sort of Fallout from a mission gone wrong and the CIA on his tail to apprehend him. Interestingly, it’s still not clear if Cavill’s character is an out and out antagonist; he could very well be a CIA agent tasked with bringing Hunt down and could have some sort of conscience change towards the end of the movie, thus ending up as a permanent player in the franchise. Characters such as Luther Sticker, Benjie and Isla Faust return from prior movies played respectively by Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg and Rebecca Fergusson respectively. And yet again, the highlight of the movie is its action sequences which we get plenty of, including the fateful sequence where Cruise rammed against the building hurting his knee severely in the process.

Despite having an impressively large number of movies under his belt by now, Mission: Impossible has remained Cruise’s most bankable franchise. After the great and not-so-great reception of the first two movies respectively, the franchise picked up critically with the third installment. Initially supposed to be the closing chapter, it ended up being followed by a rejuvenated and wildly successful fourth installment Ghost Protocol which in turn ended up being succeeded by an equally successful Rogue Nation. Together, the five movies have made $2.7 billion worldwide while star Tom Cruise has received laurels for his stunt-work in the movies.

You can watch the trailer through Paramount’s official YouTube link, which we’ve embedded above for your convenience. Stay tuned for all movie related news right here on Appocalypse. You can also check out the Top News items for the month of January 2018 in our monthly roundup here.