New Black Panther banner spotted on Marvel site

Redditors can be sharp observers in many cases. One such redditor has spotted a cool new Black Panther banner on the official Marvel Shop Website and like the previously released posters and stills, this one looks dope as hell.. You can check out the banner in its entirety below or head over to Marvel Shopping to check it out straight at the source.

The banner contains a cool shot of the Panther himself looking ready to leap on to something with a city, most likely the South Korean city of Busan, serving as the backdrop. This looks to be the same city featuring the spectacular car chases we’ve seen in the trailers. And speaking of trailers, we should be getting a new trailer or preview or special look or whatever you call it in tomorrow’s ESPN championship game so stay tuned for that as well.

Black Panther comes out in theaters on Feb 16, 2018. Check out all Black Panther related news right here.