New Defenders Featurette Teases First Defenders Meetup

Netflix’s The Defenders comes out this Fri, Aug 18 and marketing for the show has kicked into full gear. Netflix had been steadily releasing short clips from the show teasing different character meetups for most of last week and today, it has outed a new 3-minute featurette that provides some interesting insight into various facets of the show that sets the plot in motion.

First off, the small scale earthquakes shown damaging New York’s streets clearly look to be the result of the large device that we saw towards the end of Season 2 of Daredevil and seem to be the threat that forces the different street-level heroes to take the situation seriously. It’s all the more likely this device is being used by The Hand in some capacity, through their presumed leader Alexandra that has been operating largely out of the shadows until now.

We also learn where the different characters are when the show begins. After having revealed his identity as the vigilante crime-fighter Daredevil to Karen Page, Matthew Murdock is having an identity crisis of sorts. While his physical form wants to quit playing the role of The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, his conscience tells him otherwise, seemingly convinced that the city needs him. Jessica Jones, having successfully started her own Private Investigation (PI) firm at the end of her debut season is in no mood to join forces to save the city and wishes to run things her own way by herself.

Luke Cage was sentenced to prison at the end of Luke Cage’s Season 1 although he’s clearly going to be out sooner than we expect, thanks to the services of a particular lawyer. He’s likewise looking forward to starting a new life and would hopefully want to steer clear of the team business. Finally, Danny Rand who we last saw with Colleen Wing in the ancient city of K’un-Lun, now completely gone, returns to New York possibly looking to investigate what really happened with his city.

These members look like they will team up in twos with Matt and Jessica meeting on one side first and Luke and Danny at the other. From the looks of it, there will be plenty of fan-servicing moments for those clamoring for a Heroes for Hire spin-off (or even a Daughters of the Dragon for that matter). It all converges into one of Danny Rand’s supposed corporate meets where it looks like Alexandra is presiding over a Rand Industries board meeting (having taken over the company?). Danny breaks up into a brawl along with the other Defenders joining suit leading to the hallway fight teased in the trailers which, as it now seems like, will be their first fight together. This looks most likely to take place in the second or third episode of the show seeing as the team is not going to be meeting in the show’s premiere episode.

There’s plenty more to be gleaned from watching the Featurette in its entirety. Do have a look and mark your calendars this weekend as The Defenders comes out this Fri. We’ll have reviews of the show ready here on Appocalypse. Hit like or subscribe to our Notifications for more info related to The Defenders.