New Wonder Woman 1984 Still Shows Maxwell Lord

Wonder Woman 1984 may have been delayed due to the coronavirus (and it’s certainly not alone) but that hasn’t led Warner Bros. to stop its marketing. Empire Magazine has featured the movie extensively in its current issue with promotion featuring the movie’s covers and new stills ongoing for the past day or two. Now, a new image has surfaced featuring a look at Pedro Pascal’s Maxwell Lord looking perplexed and tied up by Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth.

Wonder Woman 1984 Still Maxwell Lord Lasso of Truth

Pedro Pascal was signed up for Wonder Woman 1984 almost two years back. The actor has been featured a bit in the first trailer though we yearn to see more of his work in the film. The still itself looks like it’s part of the action sequence where Diana Prince whipped out her Lasso in the trailer. Perhaps Diana is furious and is confronting Maxwell head-on?

Wonder Woman 1984 is set for release in theaters on August 14, 2020. Let me know what you make of this image in the comments below.