Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Will Dictate The Next 10-15 Years Of Filmmaking, Says John David Washington

In case you still haven’t seen it, Tenet received a brand new trailer today that showed off lots of new footage while refuting an old theory. As we gear up to hear more news about Tenet in the days to come, we may already have an intriguing bit to share. In a podcast with Culture Crave, John David Washington has revealed that what Christopher Nolan has done with Tenet will dictate the next 10 to 15 years of filmmaking.

That’s quite a bold statement to make and if it were for any other filmmaker, I’d probably dismiss it as heresay or hyperbole. But this is Nolan we’re talking about, the man who reinvented the superhero genre, showed audiences what a black whole could actually look like and made a war movie intercut with multiple timelines, among many other things. He’s often regarded as the Stanley Kubrick of this generation and not without good reason. If there’s anyone who has a shot at creating game-changing cinema, it’s him.

There’s some stuff we’ve seen in the recent trailer, as well as in the second trailer and its accompanying IMAX prologue that suggests we could be in for quite a ride. Chief among it is the film’s concept of time inversion and how it plays out across the movie, including in its action sequences. For now, Tenet has a separate battle to fight: making its way to movie theaters so that audiences could experience this spectacle on the largest screens possible.

Tenet is so far scheduled for a July 17 release, although Warner Bros. omitted any mention of a release date from the film’s trailer. It remains to be seen then if it will make its intended release date or be delayed to later in the year.