Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy Talk Evolution Of Their Characters In Glass

Buzz is building for what is poised to be the year’s first biggie in M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass. Fandango recently sat down for an extensive interview with the director himself alongside two of the cast members, Samuel L. Jackson and James McAvoy. We covered Shyamalan’s portion yesterday and will look at the actors talk about their respective characters today.

Glass is set 15-16 years after Unbreakable and a few weeks after Split. Both Jackson and McAvoy discussed how their characters Elijah Price and Kevin Wendell Crumb have evolved since we last saw them in their respective movies. There seems to be less of a change in Kevin compared to Elijah, which is quite in contrast with the time differences with their respective movies.

With Elijah, Jackson teases that Mr. Glass is essentially the same person, only more dedicated and focused on his undying beliefs about superpowered people from the first movie.

[He’s the] Same guy. His thought processes are better, he’s even more dedicated to what he’s believed before. Just biding his time.

In comparison, Kevin’s evolved a bit, with his different personalities having formed some sort of bond amongst each other. They’re able to better work together and execute their plans and work in harmony to get their beliefs across.

[I think they’re] More galvanized, there’s more of them. I think there’s less conflict within the group, there’s more of a conceited drive towards executing their worldview and spreading their worldview out there.

On being asked about how many personalities do we actually see in the movie, Kevin had a positive answer for fans.

I think there’s 11 of them when we pick up … If you see the computer there, you’ll see all the personalities, all 23 personalities, 24 counting the beast. On Glass, we figured all of them out, what they were, what they were meant to be. I believe 20 are in the movie now.

I imagine it must’ve been quite a task for Shyamalan, balancing and writing for 20 personalities in the movie. From what we’ve seen about the movie so far, whether it’s through the stills or the trailers, Glass is looking like a compelling psychological thriller that is not to be missed.

Glass arrives in theaters in the United States on January 18, 2019. It should hopefully release across most international territories around the same time frame. Check out the complete interview with Fandango in the embed below.