SDCC 2017: Marvel drops new Thor Ragnarok trailer featuring Surtur, Hulk talks

Hot on the heels of the Justice League trailer, Marvel has dropped a trailer for Thor: Ragnarok. The trailer is high on revelations and features plenty of Bruce Banner, more of Hela and Loki, and a talking Hulk.

Without giving away more info, here’s the trailer for your viewing in its entirety. Below it, we discuss some important revelations from the trailer.

It’s easy to see that Marvel has gone for an approach similar to their positively received Thor: Ragnarok teaser with this trailer. Set to Magic Sword’s “In The Face of Evil”, the trailer manages to ramp up the craziness quotient even further from the debut teaser and features several notable moments.

  • Bruce Banner is seen in his normal human form, at times even riding a spaceship
  • The Hulk not only has a different haircut, but learns to talk and has a conversation in his ape-like language with Thor.
  • We see more of Loki and Hela and also some gorgeous imagery. The concept artists must surely be glad to see visuals really resemble concept art.
  • We get a first look at what’s possibly Surtur, the Fire Demon. In the Walter Isaacson comics, Surtur is the real threat to Asgard who lays waste to their lands and it is up to Thor and his companions to stop him. In the trailer, Hulk charges towards Surtur with an attempt to smash him head-on. We suspect he’s going to be the real deal here as well, possibly an even bigger threat than Hela.
  • Finally, was that a Thor Clone or did we just get our first glimpse at Beta-Ray Bill? Again, from the Walter Isaacson Comics, Beta-Ray Bill is a clone of sorts of Thor who, while initially fighting against him, later on fights on the side of Thor.

There’s loads of new details to glean from this new trailer. We’re going to be re-watching it several times and we suggest you do so as well. It’s going to take a while to absorb all the new details.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3.