Spider-Man: Far From Home Teaser Trailer Gets 130 Million Views In 24 Hours

The first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home debuted last week and it appears the online reveal has been nothing short of impressive. Sony announced that the teaser trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man film raked in over 130 million views in its first 24 hours of release. It should be noted that this is not the view count of the trailer’s upload on Sony’s official YouTube channel, but a count of all views accumulated by the trailer across multiple social media accounts where it was uploaded.

The trailer has entered the Top 10 list of the most viewed trailers of all time. While it’s still ways behind trailers for Marvel’s Avengers movies, it’s still an accomplishment for Sony nonetheless. The trailer has become the studio’s most viewed trailer debut of all time surpassing the 116 million views that the first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming generated around 3 years ago. Fan interest in Avengers: Endgame definitely seems to have helped Far From Home considering the fate that befell our masked web-slinger.

Spider-Man: Far From Home arrives across theaters on July 5, 2019. Let us know how many times you’ve seen the trailer in the comments below and consider reading our breakdown of the trailer’s biggest secrets and easter-eggs.