Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer 2 Description Reportedly Leaked

With Marvel’s Eternals in theaters, all eyes are now set on Spider-Man: No Way Home. The movie just got an official poster which kickstarted some buzz about a second trailer being around the corner. The timeline fits – the first trailer came out over 2 months back now (with a frenzy nonetheless) and the movie itself is about a month away from release. And with the stupendous manner in which the first trailer managed to leak, fans are scouring the internet for any clues they can find on the second trailer.

More often than not though, trailer descriptions tend to leak much before the trailer itself. It’s far easier to post a description and even easier for studio heads to dismiss the descriptions as being fake, given that nothing can be verified without the presence of official footage. To that end, a purported description has begun doing the rounds, posted on anonymous 4-chan like forums from the looks of the screenshot. The only catch is that this description seems entirely plausible given everything we’ve seen and known about the movie thus far, which is the only reason I’m entertaining it.

Most importantly, the description explains just how we can expect Sony to hint at the presence of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in No Way Home without explicitly confirming it. The trailer ends with someone saying that Peter would need help, which is followed by two shadows emerging in the Sanctum. Around this time, the Spider-Man themes from the Sam Raimi and Marc Webber films are heard. This would be a terrific way to send fans into a hype frenzy, thereby raking in some advance ticket sales while not spoiling the surprise of seeing them in theaters for the first time.

The description also suggests we’ll see a clearer presence / confirmation of the Lizard and Sandman in the second trailer. Spidey will also fight Electro and Goblin would be seen masked, explaining to Parker that they would die if Strange sends them back into their worlds. In that sense then, the Multiverse has given these long dead villains a new lease of life which would further explain their desire to not return back to their original worlds.

Without further ado then, here’s the leaked description of what is supposedly Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer 2.

Version I saw was 3:17 mins long

It was finished so I believe it’ll come out soon but idk when

Strange explains the spell a bit better. Peter says that his identity being revealed is affecting everyone around him and he has no choice

Someone throws green paint at Peter

There’s a single shot of Peter at what looks like a courtroom

Doctor Strange says that they shouldn’t have messed with the spell

We see a shot of Peter talking to someone at a cafeteria but it doesn’t show who the person is

We see the Lizard behind a magical barrier. Peter stares at him with a scared look. He has pants but it’s the same design from TASM

Sandman is shown as a big sand monster

We see a fight with Electro at night. Peter has the black and gold suit. Electro has a yellow and green gas station suit with yellow electricity shining on part of his skin

We see Willem Dafoe’s Goblin explaining to Peter that if Strange sends them back to their worlds, they would die and he has to help them. We only see his face and he was wearing a purple scarf

There’s a few scenes showing Strange chasing Peter. Peter is holding a cube (same from the first trailer). Strange says that Peter doesn’t know what he is doing

We see a lot more of the bridge scene with Doc Ock. We don’t see Peter fighting him, only saving people around as Doc approaches and grabs him

MJ and Ned at the Sanctum. Ned says to Doctor Strange that he always wanted to see a real wizard. Then Ned asks if he can wear the cape and Strange makes an annoyed face.

Trailer ends with someone saying that Peter will need help (black screen) then shows two shadows walking in the Sanctum. We only see the shadows on the ground then a shot of Peter with a confused look. The music that plays is a mix of Tobey’s and Andrew’s soundtrack.

Of course, none of this is officially confirmed, just a rumor at this point. Hopefully, this should bide you well until the official trailer comes out. So real or pure fan-fiction? Let me know in the comments below.

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on December 17, 2021.