Tenet Release Date Delayed By Two Weeks, Inception To Re-Release In Theaters

Warner Bros. has finally relented, but not my much. Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated Tenet has been delayed by two weeks and is now set to arrive in theaters on July 31, 2020. To take its original spot, Warner Bros. will release Nolan’s Inception on July 17, 2020 as part of its 10-year anniversary. The move comes amid a massive rejuggling of dates that I’ll be covering in separate posts.

Inception however won’t simply be a re-release but will instead serve as an extended marketing campaign of sorts for Tenet in disguise. Warner Bros. will reportedly debut new footage for Tenet and a preview of their upcoming movies ahead of Inception to kick off the studio’s return to theaters. This bodes well for the studio, especially considering the frequent chatter around Tenet being an Inception sequel in disguise. Whether that includes the IMAX prologue or a barrage of new scenes remains to be seen.

This also means Disney’s Mulan now becomes the first original major motion picture to release in theaters. Mulan has thus far stuck on its July 24 release date and is showing no signs of moving away from that date yet. It remains to be seen if the weeks ahead change that.

Theater owners have been vying for cinema chains to reopen. The coronavirus is however having a reemergence of sorts, with numbers spiking across locations including China thanks to activities being eased. Countries like India are seeing upwards of 11,000 cases being reported in a day since the lockdown restrictions were eased in the beginning of June. Warner Bros. would want as many theaters around the world open and markets like India could be major international drivers, given the huge publicity around Tenet‘s filming in Mumbai last year.

For now, Tenet stands to release on July 31, 2020. Let’s see if this one sticks or Warner Bros. is forced to push the release further.