Tenet Trailer 3 Released Online, Rules Out Time Travel

A brand new trailer for Christopher Nolan‘s Tenet has been released online. The trailer reuses some footage from December’s Tenet trailer as well as the 6-minute IMAX prologue but shows off plenty of new footage and scenes featuring John David Washington and Robert Pattinson. And in perhaps the biggest revelations from the trailer, it rules out something fans have been speculating since a long while: time travel. Watch it below:

The trailer teases the presence of a new kind of technology for Tenet: Time Inversion. From the looks of it, a certain organization headed by Martin Donovan’s character has the ability to manipulate time to make it flow in inverse for objects, not people. John David Washington’s character is recruited by this spy agency to prevent World War 3 which could possibly arise if such a tech were to fall into the wrong hands.

It also seems that it’s JDW’s character who explains the time inversion mechanics to Robert Pattinson’s character instead of the reverse, as we thought from the earlier trailers. Again, this is not confirmed but just something I’m basing off seeing certain scenes from the trailer. There are big action set-pieces planned and Warner Bros. is keen on showing them off, including the much rumored “plane crash” scene that is technically not a crash from the skies.

Warner Bros. is also looking to market the film using a more on-your-nose approach which reflects in their use of Nolan’s past successful films as well as stills from those to clarify who the director of the movie is. The trailer is peppered with a lot of reveals that, while keeping major things at bay, at least helps the general audience form a skeletal outline of what kind of storyline we’re dealing with.

For now, Tenet releases in theaters, on July 17, 2020. It is written and directed by Christopher Nolan and stars John David-Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Clemence Poesy, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Dimple Kapadia with Kenneth Branagh and Michael Caine. Nolan will produce with his partner Emma Thomas with the film being distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Follow our Appocalypse Hub for Tenet to stay updated on all the latest news and set photos about the movie or hit the Like button below to get all the news directly in your Facebook Feed.