Tenet Final Trailer: Nolan Unleashes World War 3

Warner Bros. has released the third and final trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. Set to Travis Scott’s The Plan which is officially the first single from the film, the trailer plays more like a sizzle reel, giving us a few alternate takes of preexisting scenes, extended dialogue bits and lots more footage while staying true to Nolan’s adage of not spoiling anything. But perhaps the biggest takeaway from the film is what could be the climactic sequence that paints a picture of what World War 3 could look like with the time inversion tools at play. Or, in the words of the film’s characters, something much worse.

Rumors of a sequence around a desert landscape began doing the rounds last year when John David Washington was reported as being present around such an environment. It seems those were true and from the looks of it, this could be the big climax that Nolan has in store for audiences. This trailer also gives us our first glimpse at Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s rogue militaristic character. The actor has been completely absent from all Tenet promotion (for a reason) although that fueled some concerns about his presence in the movie.

As much as I enjoyed listening to the single, I’d have loved to get one more peek at Ludwig Gorranson’s score. The prologue and trailers thus far have sounded terrific and I can’t wait to see what Ludwig has cooked up for Nolan, taking over from Hans Zimmer. Warner Bros. has also now fully embraced the staggered release model, their committment reflected in the fact that this is the first Tenet Trailer / TV Spot that ends with a confirmed release date. The studio has finally accepted that a global day-and-date release won’t be possible.

This of course begs the question of how exactly are spoilers to be evaded. I’ve already stayed away from online forums and it looks like I may need to continue this practice. Which means you’re not going to hear much plot analysis from me until I see the movie. And judging by how things are moving, that could take quite some time.

For now, Tenet (finally) releases in theaters around the United States on September 3. The UK gets it a week earlier on August 26. It’s going to be interesting tracking box-office numbers to see how the movie fares over the long run and how successful it is in getting people back in theaters. If you want to get a taste of how the movie is, the first critic reviews are out and you can check some of them here.