The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Final Trailer Amps Up The Action

Not one to be left behind in the promotional game, Disney+ dropped the final trailer for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The second Marvel Disney+ series, the show will chart the adventures of Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson who are forced to work together after the common thread connecting them, Steve Rogers, went into retirement. The final trailer is high on action and presents an impressive scale, not unlike a big-budget action movie with buddy-comedy elements.

We also get a sense of how the story could carry on from Avengers: Endgame. It appears Wilson will struggle to carry the weight of Cap’s shield and could go back to working as Falcon, until he’s ready to assume the mantle of Captain America. That’s a big even and could occur either towards the end of this mini-series or in the movies, should Marvel Studios prefer to save that moment for the big screen. Dialogue suggests they’ll go back to doing things their way which should make for some interesting banter amid the action sequences.

Meanwhile, little is known about the exact nature of the threat that these two face. Right now, the series is mostly being marketed on the strength of Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie reprising their roles from the movies with high-octane action sequences that look like no expense was spared in their development. As the weekly episodes progress, we should begin to get a better sense of what the prevalent threat is and how former elements such as Zemo and Agent 13 fit into the overarching narrative.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ​streams on Disney+ this Friday, March 19, with episodes set to drop weekly.