The Matrix Resurrections Trailer YouTube Link Goes Live, Begins Countdown

Update: The trailer is now live: Watch here. Also check out the trailer breakdown. The original story follows.

The Matrix Resurrections unveiled its insane marketing campaign yesterday with an ingeniously coded teaser trailer. Immediately, fans began pouring in for clues, including trying to uncover just how exactly the teasers work as well as a bevy of high resolution stills from the teasers. The site’s JavaScript also included references to a YouTube link which was blank and fans soon figured out that the site could be potentially tricked into revealing the clip by manually setting the date and time on their system to a future date.

Perhaps in an effort to avoid any such reveal and to build up even more hype, Warner Bros. has launched a YouTube live stream of The Matrix Resurrections trailer. The trailer remains set to be unveiled on YouTube at 6:00 AM PST so that’s 9:00 AM EST / 8:00 AM CST / 6:30 PM IST / 1:00 PM GMT. I was able to uncover the YouTube link on the website after setting my system to a future date but it popped up the live stream link instead. At least now you can set a reminder and bookmark this link to watch The Matrix Resurrections trailer online when it airs live.

The amount of frenzy built up around the trailer’s viral marketing is just crazy. It reminds us of the good old days when The Matrix was one of the first trailers to actually have a significant online component, linking to the website. The sequels upped the ante in that regard, by making high resolution versions of the trailers available exclusively on their websites (we’re talking no more than 540p versions). Remember the huge amount of time those took to download on your dial-up connection?

The Matrix Resurrections remains set for a Dec 17, 2021 release date. We’ll know if that date sticks soon enough. Meanwhile, share your thoughts and excitement about the trailer in the comments below.