Thor: Ragnarok deleted scene suggests different plans for Odin

It’s a busy month for Marvel with Black Panther set for release in a week and Thor: Ragnarok arriving on Digital HD and Blu-Ray in the next few days. Both movies have had their own set of troubles; one dealing with racist users banding together to bring down its score and the other being leaked on the internet last month. Regardless, both events continue to build strong buzz. A new deleted scene shared by Entertainment Weekly gives us an interesting peek at some of the Grandmaster’s erratic behavioral tendencies and sheds light on plans for a crucial character.

The scene in question features Thor and Banner talking in some sort of chamber aboard the Grandmaster’s vessel. The two talk as Thor is busy switching between different holographic clippings of the Grandmaster showing off Jeff Goldblum’s improvisational skills and Banner is having a Sakaarian dish. Amidst the conversation, Thor tells Banner how his father was murdered by his sister, suggesting that the original plan for Odin could have been a death by the hands of Hela in combat, perhaps along with the Warriors Three. While this would’ve served to show the seriousness of the threat that Hela is, it would however have undermined Odin’s ability as the God among all Gods. In the end, the fate the movie ended up with seems like a far better choice.

Thor: Ragnarok comes out on Digital HD on February 20 followed by a Blu-Ray release on March 6.