Wonder Woman 1984 Delayed To August 2020 Due To Coronavirus

Wonder Woman 1984 has been officially delayed. The movie has been pushed back to August 2020 due to mounting concerns and the worsening situation over the coronavirus outbreak. Director Patty Jenkins shared the news on social media, regretting the terrible times we’re in and expressing hope, praying for things to be fine by then.

This is only the next in a series of movies that have been delayed thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak. Yesterday, I shared a list of all the summer films that were affected by the coronavirus pandemic and predicted that Wonder Woman 1984 would be the next in line. It turns out it didn’t take long for that to come true. Jenkins shared a glorious retro motion poster to go with the announcement which you can see in the tweet embedded below.

The coronavirus situation continues to deteriorate with the number of cases worldwide nearing 400,000 and over 15,000 deaths. Italy is climbing rapidly to claim the title of most deaths from China. The United States is third in line with over 45,000 infected cases, nearly half of which are from New York City alone. Amid the pandemic situation, India Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21 day lockdown of the entire country a mere hours ago, sending the nation into a grocery hoarding frenzy.

We look forward to seeing Wonder Woman 1984 in August 14, 2020. That is, assuming the situation improves until then.