Wonder Woman 2 potential titles revealed?

The sequel to 2017’s smash hit Wonder Woman is expected to begin production real soon if director Patty Jenkins’ word is anything to go by. Colloquially the film is being referred to as Wonder Woman 2 even though in all likelihood it may end up being called anything but that. The question then is: what could it be possibly titled? Turns out Warner Bros. recently purchased domains for its Wonder Woman sequel and if similar news in the past is any indication, one of these may very well turn out to be the sequel’s title.

Courtesy Domain Name Wire and spotted by Batman News, below is a list of domains booked by Warner Bros. for the DCEU sequel.

  • wonderwoman1980.com
  • wonderwoman1981.com
  • wonderwoman1982.com
  • wonderwoman1983.com
  • wonderwoman1984.com
  • wonderwoman1985.com
  • wonderwoman1986.com
  • wonderwoman1987.com
  • wonderwoman1988.com
  • wonderwoman1989.com
  • wonderwomanarrives.com
  • wonderwomancheetah.com
  • wonderwomanlives.com
  • wonderwomanminerva.com
  • wonderwomanpart2.com
  • wonderwomanpartii.com
  • wonderwomanreturns.com
  • wonderwomanrises.com

The first few titles seem less likely; it’ll be odd for instance to have a Wonder Woman sequel titled Wonder Woman 1981. The potential titles for the movie could then be Wonder Woman ArrivesWonder Woman LivesWonder Woman Returns and Wonder Woman Rises, with the last two in particular inspired from the Batman series of films namely Batman Returns and The Dark Knight Rises. The filmmakers could also go the subtitle route and have it be titled Wonder Woman: Part IWonder Woman: Part IIWonder Woman: Cheetah or Wonder Woman: Minerva.

For some reason, most of the aforementioned titles don’t seem to sit well with me. We know they’re not going to go the Part I and Part Ii route simply for the marketing snafu it might end up creating; it was this precise reason that led to the title change of Avengers: Infinity War – Part I and Avengers: Infinity War – Part II to Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 (whatever it ends up being called that is) respectively. Returns seems very derivative and Rises doesn’t make sense since Wonder Woman never fell. Wonder Woman Arrives and Wonder Woman Lives sound too childlike for my taste. The only ones that feel worthy of the sequel’s title are Wonder Woman: Cheetah or Wonder Woman: Minerva with the latter having the potential of setting a trend for subtitling the movie with the antagonist’s name. But even these have my faint, reluctant yes instead of a fist-thumping resounding one.

Of course those are just a few domain names registered. For all we know, Warner Bros. could book several more during production to throw fans off from guessing the real title and might have a really good one locked away. They pretty much have the next few months to lock down the title before the marketing team can begin using it for promotional stuff. There’s also the off-chance that the official title can be revealed at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. If and when that does happen, we’ll be there to let you know.

Wonder Woman 2 releases in theaters on November 1, 2019. Meanwhile let us know what you think about these titles and your pick in the comments below.