Grand Theft Auto V Coming To PS5 And Xbox Series X In 2021

Rockstar announced during Sony’s PS5 reveal event that its top-selling game Grand Theft Auto V will be coming to next-generation consoles. While the event was held for the PS5, the plural in consoles implies it’ll be coming to the Xbox Series X as well. The port will be powered by technical, visual and performance improvements to take advantage of the full capabilities offered by the next-gen platforms.

Additionally, Rockstar also announced that its massively successful GTA Online will be coming to both consoles with content exclusive to next-gen devices. A similar exercise was conducted when GTA Online was ported over from the PS3 / Xbox 360 to the PS4 / Xbox One generation. In the context of Sony, PS5 players will get the first three months of GTA Online for free and will continue to receive $1 million in GTA currency every month until the arrival of GTA Online on the PS5.

Grand Theft Auto V has been immensely successful, selling over 130 million units worldwide to become one of the top-selling video games of all time. It’s over 7 years old at this point and continues to stay strong and popular; a recent sale on the Epic Games Store offering GTA V for free crashed their servers and instantly became a trending topic. Meanwhile, fans continue to speculate on the arrival of GTA 6 which a while back, seemed set to arrive in 2023 until Rockstar dismissed that rumor.

For now, fans have Grand Theft Auto V to look forward to. And I’m sure its going to be a lot more exciting on the next-gen consoles with all the SSDs and enhancement possibilities that the new hardware has to offer.